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Welcome To Tecnica Arte y Folklore

Clases profesionales de Folklore Mexicano


All about Tecnica Arte y Folklore

How We Got Started

Our Dance Center, Tecnica Arte y Folklore, is truly unparalleled. From our distinctive atmosphere to our state-of-the-art choreographies, every aspect of our program has been meticulously crafted to offer our dancers the ultimate experience. Founded in 2020 by Rafael Garcia and Liz Chavez, our aim is to elevate the performance and execution of Mexican dances and folk dances through professional training rooted in research and understanding of the body. Our dance instructors are not only personable but also fully certified to teach at all levels, ensuring that whether your focus is technique, flexibility, or simply a new way to work out, you'll find it here. Explore our site for more information, and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Our Classes 

Professional Belly Dancing

On Time or Your Money Back

Truly Top-Notch

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